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 What We Do

We work with businesses to help them gain traction with their marketing budget. We start by doing an initial assessment of the existing marketing plan, make recommendations, and track the performance. We look at conversions and transactions -what’s hitting the bottom line. If a marketing channel is under performing, we optimize it or remove it from the mix. Our fees are very reasonable and we are true agents–completely unbiased when it comes to our recommendations.


Why We Do It

It’s simple. There are too many marketing channels and not enough time. By the time you’ve invested in learning the technical information needed for managing a campaign, a new marketing channel pops up. OpGo is a lean solution–an alternative to hiring another employee. We work with your marketing team to do the heavy left-brain lifting. We give you and your team time back, the ability to make solid decisions, and peace of mind.

Our clients and their target audiences are based across the United States. The industries we serve are manufacturing, outdoors, construction, and other niche ones (too many to list here). Our core services are in providing marketing intelligence that fuels the brand objectives.

Five Benefits of Working with OpGo

OpGo was founded to help marketers suffering from “decision fatigue”. Decision fatigue occurs when all your mental energy is used up—with over 2,000 marketing technology channels, this fatigue can be a frequent occurrence with marketers. Overwhelmed marketers are...

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3 Tips for Effective Marketing Communication

A brand’s entire existence is dependent upon communication. It’s easy to take this for granted since we use communication in all aspects of life, but effective communication is critical in marketing. It’s more than someone not getting a job because of spelling errors...

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Vertical Video is Here to Stay

Social media platforms Snapchat, Periscope, Meerkat, and Vine are a few key players in the vertical video revolution. Contradictory to common belief that quality video must be shot and consumed on a horizontal medium, social media giants are disrupting the game....

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