Gain control of your marketing budget by teaming up with OpGo. We plan, measure, and optimize your marketing investment. We are consultants with a passion for creating operational efficiencies. Our experience is in both traditional and modern marketing solutions.
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(701) 532-4399

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OpGo was founded in 2015 with a mission to make marketing perform. Our consultants have extensive experience in marketing and build strategies from the 30,000-foot view. We are not a digital marketing company - we are marketing strategists. Our consultants build strategic marketing plans that can include anything from public relations to branding or simply help you get your business started. Our consultants work with businesses at any state and build plans that fit the objective. We hold our team accountable to your goals and built our model to focus on your success. No two businesses are alike, and neither are our marketing plans. Feel free to reach out to one of our consultants to learn more about our services or submit a general inquiry through our contact page.

Tiffanie Honeyman

Marketing is a full-time job and it’s easy to lose sight of goals. Martech (marketing and technology) choices can make even the best marketing professionals feel paralyzed at times. I focus on building strategic plans oriented around goals and track them from high-level sales metrics all the way down to impression counts by campaign.

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Ian Howden

In today’s digital world there are endless marketing tactics, platforms, and software to choose from. I rely on my strong background in mathematics and data sciences to navigate through these options and execute a marketing plan that will maximize your firm’s ROI. I am a firm believer in using numerical analysis to drive strategy and the power of people to execute on it.

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