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Digital Marketing


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Digital marketing is a broad topic. It involves a lot of detailed research, content development, and optimization. Digital / online marketing and includes paid search, social media, retargeting and other interest-based targeting techniques. It relies on AI (artificial intelligence) to target the right people. When the right messaging reaches the right audience, it’s effective in driving leads and sales.  We are partners with Google and Facebook and run multi-channel campaigns to optimize reach and frequency. We also test messaging and audiences with smaller budgets before deploying heavier investments. It’s important to prove the results right out of the gate, so KPI (key performance indicator) tracking is set up properly in advance. You can make decisions on performance if you’re not monitoring the right metrics. If you are looking for contextual, lookalike, geo-fencing, connected TV & OTT, retargeting, or first-party targeting, we can do that, too. 

It always starts with a plan and then research. You need to know who your audience is (segments/personas) and how to find them. Once you have the targeting pinned down, you’ll move into content development. This might involve creating addtional content to be used for testing. You can stest messages or even audiences. The way to determine the winner is to monitor the return on ad spend (ROAS) or the cost-per-lead (CPL). We create custom marketing dashboards for each client so we can have these types of details at our fingertips!

Make a plan & set goals.

Research audiences & platforms.


Consider geography with budget.

Create relevant ads to specific audiences.

Check daily & optimize as needed.

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