Five Benefits of Working with OpGo

OpGo was founded to help marketers suffering from “decision fatigue”. Decision fatigue occurs when all your mental energy is used up—with over 2,000 marketing technology channels, this fatigue can be a frequent occurrence with marketers. Overwhelmed marketers are likely to make some decisions when on auto pilot which can lead to poor return. OpGo provides relief by being the liaison between your marketer and your accountant. We focus on defining the objectives and determining the return of each marketing dollar so your director of marketing can focus on the marketing.

Here are the five benefits of working with OpGo:

Reduce Marketing Decision Fatigue – Most of our clients hire us in lieu of bringing on another employee; they want additional marketing intelligence without having to hire a full marketing team or a full service agency. Decision Fatigue2-01With all the marketing channels available, business owners and marketing directors become overwhelmed and almost paralyzed by having too many choices and not enough experience. That’s where we come in.

Make Better Marketing Decisions – At OpGo, we rely on numbers that bring in return, not clicks. When clients want to know what this or that means and/or they want direct access to information that is available…we answer their questions in terms they can understand (without charging an additional fee) and show them where the information comes from. We have designed our performance reports to help business owners see the big picture, not just what’s happening right now. In order to make decisions, you have to see where you have been and where you want to go. OpGo’s services are not automated and never will be—we’re not shooting off a report in an email. We are analyzing data and providing insight with explanation. We review many internal and external factors that have an impact on the marketing performance.

Set Marketing Goals – With all the marketing metrics being thrown around, it’s tough to know what to measure, which makes it even harder to set goals. Once our insights start rolling in, clarity emerges and benchmarks are established. From there goals are set. Without marketing goals, one can’t know what each marketing dollar is doing—without baseline knowledge you may miss an opportunity of return had you invested ten dollars instead.

Access Our Partner Network – We do not charge commission on our partner’s services. Our Partners are carefully selected because they are experts–we trust them to do what they do well and we don’t want to muck up relationships with nickel and diming our clients. A big part of success is collaboration and long term relationships.

Avoid “Technology” Costs – OpGo is not an exclusive partner with any technology solutions. We have no ulterior motive to sell you some expensive product in three months. We are not “partners” of some other product. Our prices are lean because we use good ole fashioned brain power—we will never try to “automate” our customer service. Our pricing is strictly based on marketing intelligence of our people, not a product.

Give Us a Try – Tired of having “decision fatigue”? Give us a call or send us an email. When businesses are not sure if they want to move forward, we can always do 8-12 a week pilot to see if we are the right fit. We don’t charge “commission” that is based on your marketing spend. Our rates are based on the amount of work we need to do. So, whether your annual marketing budget is $80k or $500k, our monthly retainer could be the same—depending on the level of support you need.


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