Changes to Broad Match Modifier (BMM)

Google has started to merge two keyword types, broad match modifier and phrase match. The broad match modifier keywords were very broad, which allowed more flexibilty but it also creates the possibility of less relevant traffic.

Do you need to change your keywords?

No, you will not need to change your keywords, but you will likely see less traffic to broad match modifier (BMM) keywords and an increase to phrase match keywords. Google says there is no action required on your part, but you should monitor the bids and targeting and adjust as needed.

Why is Google making this change?

Google claims they are bringing the best of the two worlds together–resulting in phrase match expanding to cover additional broad match traffic, but making sure to keep the traffic relevant.


Phrase Match: +resumes +services will no longer match the following (reverse order of the terms).

“what are some customer service skills to put on a resume” (will no longer show because “resume” shows up after “service”.

What are problems that plugins can cause?

Plugins need to be trustworthy. The quality of the plugin affects the quality of your site. They can create breaches in security and even cause your site to be shut down.

When is Google making this change?

The change started to happen in February of 2021. Both keywords are being transitioned. The change will be complete in July. Currently, you are no longer able to add broad match modifiers.

    For more information about this change, go here.

    Additionally, paste this code immediately after the opening tag: