We’re here to help you with the marketing essentials. Our team builds brands for startups to help them get off the ground. We understand the pace needed and budget factors. Our partners in marketing (media and other organizations) have put together special pricing for startups. Get in touch today to learn more about our approach. We’d love to hear about your business!


Successful startups require both a great business plan (first) and great marketing (second). We need to understand the need and potential demand in the market before we start.

Sales Materials

Our goal at OpGo is to get you transactions as soon as possible which means influencing prospects with materials that back up the sales team. 

Social Media

The authenticity of social media is critical. We offer light social media for startups to support them as they get off the ground. We train you on how to make your social marketing effective.


Branding is way more than a logo. Great brands inspire people, make them feel something, and influence them to take action. We extract the core drive (the “why”) behind the business and build that into the branding.

Marketing Campaigns

It takes approximately five years for a brand to become known. If consumers aren’t aware of your brand, they will never think to buy from you. Awareness involves getting your brand in front of the right people with the right message. 

Measuring Results

We create custom dashboards that help you see the trends in sales, site traffic, engagement and return on ad spend (ROAS) by channel and campaign. We specialize in reporting as it is the most important piece to marketing.


Awareness Counts

We’ll help you learn which channels are most effective at bringing both awareness and sales.


Marketing Trends

Marketing trends are shifting all the time. We’ll help you stay relevant to your audience.


Marketing Performance

You can’t take risks with marketing. We measure every dollar for every client and have been doing so since the day we opened our doors.

No Two Startups are the Same.

You can’t afford to get two years into your business and then change your brand. Our team builds your brand based on the core passion behind the business right from the start. We extract the “why” and incorporate it into the development of your brand.

The best way to position a brand in the market is to define how you are different from the competition. It’s very important because it is the reason why consumers will choose to buy from you vs your competitors. Successful positioning will build loyalty and repeat purchases.

The theory behind types of marketing changes with strategy. If a business is selling a high-quality product that will sell itself, transactional marketing makes more sense. Short-term marketing strategies come into play here. 

Relationship marketing is focused on building loyalty with customers to support long-term goals. Relationship marketing can not be automated and is not as cost efficient in the short-term but can bring long-term success. Neither approach is superior to the other–it’s just important to understand the difference between them.

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