Measurable Marketing Plans

Strategy for Success

Annual Marketing Plans

We rough out the annual marketing plan based on the goals set for the year. The process for developing a marketing plan includes research on the industry, trends, customers and competitors.

Custom Campaigns

Marketing campaigns require custom creative planning. The process for developing campaigns includes brainstorm sessions, conceptual sketches, KPI tracking setup, and cost estimating.

Knowing what to spend on a marketing is where we excel. We sit down with your team to learn about your goals and then we begin customer research. Knowing the lifetime value of a customer and the purchase behavior of a typical customer helps with budget recommendations. Customer behavior research lays the groundwork for channel selection. OpGo’s core value is on results. Since marketing is in a constant state of evolution, we measure and analyze to continually optimize. If you are looking for a quote for a marketing plan, contact us today.

Five Key Elements of Mobile SEO

Five Key Elements of Mobile SEO Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way we experience online content. Website design has become simpler, and content has been rearranged to display the most meaningful information first. With mini computers floating in...
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Marketing Metrics

Marketing Metrics That Matter To trust your marketing, you need to measure it. Business owners need to measure their marketing. Period. We’ve all heard it, but many businesses don’t do it. Why? Because business owners almost always hire marketing contractors to...
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Social Media Marketing 101: Getting Started

Social Media Marketing 101: Getting Started Everyone, including your grandparents, is online. According to, there are 1.65 billion active mobile social accounts globally with 1 million new active mobile social users added every day. If you aren’t...
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Should You Invest in Paid Search?

Paid Search / SEM / PPC Should You Invest in Paid Search? The short answer? Probably. While few marketing tools truly fit all businesses, paid search advertising comes close. Why? Because it allows sellers to meet buyers at the exact moment they intend to buy. When...
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Maintaining Local SEO with Multiple Locations

Local SEO Maintaining Local SEO with Multiple Locations   Maintaining local SEO may be difficult for multi-location businesses. Small inconsistencies, website bugs, or lack of a location page can diminish your local SEO score. That being said, there are some tips...
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