Google Ads Case Study

In 2018, we decided to do a complete refresh of a B2B client’s Google Ads account to drastically improve the efficiency of digital ad dollars. We made over 800 changes to keywords, ad copy and bidding strategy over the course of a month. The client maintained its average of just over 100 conversions per month at nearly half the cost. This case study is constantly a reminder to our team of the importance of attention to detail and technical skills in paid search advertising.


Reduce the Google Ads budget while maintaining conversions and increasing conversion rate.


Eliminate underperforming or nonperforming keywords, keeping only keywords that have historically driven more than 1 conversion per month. Adjust ad copy and bidding strategy to make ads and bids as relevant to the client’s goals as possible.


  • Decreased average cost-per-conversion by 34%
  • Increased conversion rate by 58%
  • Reduced overall cost by 46%
  • Absolute number of conversions remained nearly the same (+2%), which reflects a dramatic improvement in the efficiency of Google Ads spend

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