Market to Specific Intent

Paid search is different than other online channels in the sense that the consumer drives the interaction instead of the marketer. Google AdWords sets the bar for paid search with its complexity. In the end, everyone wins with paid search—the marketer targets the right customer and the customer finds what he or she needs. If you are considering pay-per-click (PPC) advertising but aren’t sure if it makes sense, we’ll take the time to explain how it all works.

Benefits of Paid Search

  • Budget flexibility: the cost of SEM is easily customized
  • Measurability: paid search platforms automatically track changes & performance
  • Variety of purposes: wide selection of campaign types & settings to support different goals

Our team maintains certifications in Google AdWords and Google Analytics, making OpGo a Google Partner. We can take you into the “weeds” of campaign structure and bidding options so you can eventually take it on yourself…or we can keep it high level, manage the campaigns for you, and show you the results. Our success is your success. Using PPC, you have flexible scaling options to cover as much or as little ground as needed. This makes PPC attractive for a business of all sizes.

Want to learn more about paid search? Check out the video by Google Think below, or see our blog post “Should You Invest in Paid Search?”

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