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One of your best assets is your website. If Google serves your site over your competitor’s, it’s due to your high-ranking of Google’s standards. Search engine optimization (SEO) includes several factors of your site on both the front and backend. Think of SEO as “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” – Aristotle. It’s not all about the aesthetics of your site (images and text), but how well you explain your website to search engines like Google and Bing.

SEO ranking includes total site crawling, HTML code (title tags, description meta tags, anchor text, image “alt” attributes), navigational structure (naturally flowing hierarchy), links (broken, “nofollow”, spam scores), site speed, mobile access, and more. On the surface, a high-ranking site may not be “pretty” but it is optimized for the end-user.

OpGo provides SEO audit reports showing the strengths and weaknesses of your website as it relates to Google and your brand vision. OpGo uses “whitehat” SEO techniques, focusing on visitors’ experience and quality content versus “blackhat” linking schemes that attempt to trick Google. The latter is risky and can result in a site being blocked from Google’s index (meaning your site will not be served in a search at all).

Google is the primary search engine for most businesses to rank on for the United States. Because of this, we recommend utilizing their updates and guidelines to understand the basics if you wish to learn more about what goes into SEO. Here is more information about Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

We offer SEO Audits and ongoing performance monitoring.


SEMrush Sensor tracks changes in the rankings. This may be a sign of a Google Update. SEMrush checks the search results for a fixed set of keywords on a daily basis and measures how much has changed at the end of the day. The exact method is a proprietary formula, but the total value reflects the total search volatility for the day.

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