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Being found on the first page of Google for your products and/or services is critical to lead generation. Consumers prefer to research online before they buy. With a solid SEO strategy, you’ll capture their searches by bringing them into your website. There are over 200 tactics that can be deployed to increase ranking. Our team is certified to implement Google’s SEO guidelines and we have proven results. Our websites are built from scratch with SEO performance in mind. Our SEO services include high-level and granular KPIs. High level results include leads and sales. We also monitor keywords, page performance, and your competitor’s rank.

When it comes to optimizing your site for organic traffic, there are too many factors to review manually. We use several tools to keep the site health in check, monitor keywords and monitor competitors. Over the past year, we have increased organic traffic and leads to significantly. It’s the result of a combination of effort related to technical fixes on the website, search volume research, content development and strategic organization of the content.

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