Digital Marketing

We are partners with Google and Facebook and run multi-network programmatic campaigns on several other channels. Our goal is to find the right audiences and forecast the results (once we have had a chance to test performance). We run search (text) campaigns, display, and video. We target audiences that are interest-based, contextual, lookalike, geo-fenced, connected TV & OTT, retargeting, or first-party customer-based.

Branding & Identification

Your brand is what people say about their experience after buying your products and/or services. The logo is often confused with the brand. The logo is used for your identity, but it is not your “brand” on its own. We’ll help you understand branding and how to make all touchpoints work toward creating a positive and memorable experience for your customers.

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategies are built by listening to your goals, understanding your core audience, researching your competition and staying within budget. We consider the age of the brand and the benefits your products and/or services bring to your customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Being found on the first page of Google for your products and/or services is critical. People like to do their own research before they buy. Investing the time to follow Google’s SEO guidelines on your website is one of the best investments a business can make. We specialize in helping businesses create great experiences on their websites—always keeping SEO top of mind. It’s a game changer, must-have in marketing.

Content Development

Our creative/content development team offers graphic design for both sales and marketing initiatives. We create flyers, direct mail, ads, posters, brochures, landing pages, and web animations. Our team prides themselves on being on-point with branding. We take the time to understand the brand guidelines up front (including font, colors, and tone). We use our trusted partners for videos and signs (for buildings).

Executive Dashboards

It’s difficult for us to assess ROI and marketing performance if we don’t track what’s going on effectively. So, as part of our process, we track all goals via data visualizations (dashboards). We bring in automated streams of data as well as manual data (exports from other systems). At the end of the day, it helps us understand where you are at in reaching your goals. We include standard dashboards as part of our retainer services, but also build custom dashboards upon request. We build them in a few different platforms. (Whatever makes the most sense for the business model.)

Social Media

Social Media is one of the more difficult marketing initiatives to navigate. The authenticity of social media is critical. People recognize fake messaging. We offer two levels of social media support: 1) Light and 2) All-In. We offer light services for businesses that have capacity to do some of the social in conjunction with our team. The All-In social is for clients that have a large customer base and work with OpGo on several fronts. OpGo can only be an authentic voice of the brand if we are completely integrated with your team. As for paid social campaigns, those are typical and are recommended when they make sense. (We offer paid campaigns as separate engagements than social community management.)

Web Design

In our opinion all businesses need a website—but they deserve to get it at a fair price and to have created with SEO in mind. Too many times we come across businesses that have been overcharged for websites and/or they are set up on platforms that are not great for search engine optimization. We are in the business to help businesses grow. Our web team is well-equipped to provide consultations on web design and we also handle some pretty tough coding and technical requirements for those that need their website to have more functionality.