Social Media

Social Media is one of the more difficult marketing initiatives to navigate. The authenticity of social media is critical. People recognize fake messaging. We offer multiple levels of social media across the board. We offer light services for businesses that have capacity to do some of the social in conjunction with our team. The heavy social is for clients that have a large customer base and work with OpGoon several fronts. OpGo can only be an authentic voice of the brand if we are completely integrated with your team.

Build an Audience

Engage with Your Community

To build an audience, you need to understand your brand inside and out. For startups, this is more difficult because they are just learning and a brand evolves quite a bit in the early days. When you commit to social media, you are able to build an audience that appreciates the connection with your brand, It’s unlike any other channel because the equity in it is more about the authentic voice and less about “ads”.



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