We created a new website for Intelligent Ag for a few reasons…

Easier to Update

We work with a lot of businesses that want the ability to make changes to their website. We encourage this as the website should always be current and you don’t always want to pay a marketing company to make slight tweaks. We use WordPress and our clients love it. We come in when they need us for heavier lifting and then traing them to do lighter tweaks on their own.

Improved Dealer Locator

The old dealer locator didn’t work well. One of the most important factors in B2B success is the ease of being able to buy. If you can’t find a dealer, your not going to buy. So we worked to find the best possible solution to fit their needs.

Additional Resources

Intelligent Ag sells multiple products and they are technical in nature. To make it easy for dealers and end-users to learn how to use their products most effectively, they have created a ton of resources. On the old site, the resources were buried–which isn’t helpful to anyone…the sales team included. Our goal is to make the website as valuable as possible to all audiences.

Next Up – Improve the SEO!

When you have a site built with barriers, it’s even harder to get it to rank with Google and Bing. Now that we have a site easier to manage, we’ll be able to increase organic traffic and generate awareness of the brand overall. There will always be improvements, but at least with an accessible site, it won’t be as difficult to manage.

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