The following is a more detailed breakdown of what needs to be done in order to sell your products directly on Facebook & Instagram. (Facebook Page, Business Manager Account, Shop / Commerce Account, Catalog, Ad Campaign)

Step One: Set up a Facebook Page
  1. Set up page here (if you don’t currently have one)
  2. Create a follow button
  3. Edit the “tabs” to enable “shop”
  4. Add your website (if it’s not there already)
  5. Change your hours to “always open” since you are an online store
Step Two: Set up a Business Manager Account
  1. Make sure to save the email you used to create this account
  2. Add assets to the business manager account (page, ad accounts and eventually you’ll add the new shop to this as well)
  3. Adding access to the business partner section is recommended
Step Three: Set Up Shop / Commerce Account
  1. The shop will allow you to show different types of ads when you run campaigns. These will be based on what you set up in your catalog
  2. Choose check out method
    1. Can check out on Facebook (for a fee)
    2. Can just have them checkout on your current shop site (redirected during checkout)
  3. Select sales channel
  4. Add your business manager account
  5. Setup shipping and returns information
  6. Set up payout information (business and bank account info to deposit funds associated with the transactions)
  7. Add shop contact email
  8. Submit the application for the Shop can take 2-4 weeks. To improve your odds of getting approved, create engaging posts for your page every day.
  9. Once approved, your products will be shown on Facebook Marketplace
Step Four: Set up Catalog
  1. Even if you see “Commerce Manager” already there, that’s fine, start with the catalog area. Go to Data Sources and choose “catalogs”
    1. Select type of products you are selling
    2. Give permissions (to everyone on the left hand size that should have access– select full admin, by “manage catalog” toggle
    3. Connect the pixel to the catalog (the one on your current ecommerce site)
  2. Add the products you want to sell. Choose manual or sync with the current shop site through a 3rd party. If using a 3rd party, here is a link for more info.
  3. Once set up, check the catalog to be sure they are there. For info on how to check your catalog, go here.
  4. Customize your shop – put certain products in certain categories (for use in cross-selling later)
Step Five: Create Ad Campaign
  1. Now that you have your shop set up, you are ready to advertise
  2. Ad specifications are here.
  3. During the campaign setup, choose “catalog sales” as the conversion objective
  4. Be sure the correct catalog is in the drop-down
  5. Check “product set” that would have been the set during the customization of your shop
  6. Audiences (2 options)
    1. Retargeting people who have engaged with your products on Facebook (choose specific cross-sells)
      1. Choose window of time of their engagement
      2. Choose what you want to retarget (the ad sets)
    2. Find prospective customers
  7. Optimize campaign 
    1. Test ad messaging.
    2. Test audiences.
    3. Keep an eye on “ad fatigue” – ads will start to drop in performance which means you need to change them.
    4. Add new creative to the same campaign.