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Your customer relations are just as important as marketing. We are able to bring your sales team software insights into an executive dashboard that allows you to keep your team on track. This information is very helpful when getting to the KPIs of your team and getting a better understanding of the “why” behind sales team results.
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Many of our B2B clients like to filter in on dealer performance. You can sort by having the winners show up, analyze those not performing as well, and really develop a custom strategy for dealer support. Either way, it’s easy for us to customize along the way–once you get into it, you’ll want even more of this kind of information at your fingertips.


See leads by day, week or month. Or if you offer online shopping, we’ll pull in metrics for sales. We’ll compare period over period performance so you know which campaigns are working and which ones to adjust. At the end of the day, our dashboards will give you control over your return on ad spend and allow you to take action with confidence.
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