Gain control of your marketing budget by teaming up with OpGo. We plan, measure, and optimize your marketing investment. We are consultants with a passion for creating operational efficiencies. Our experience is in both traditional and modern marketing solutions.
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27 University Dr N Fargo, ND 58102

(701) 532-4399

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About Us

The OpGo Story

OpGo was founded in 2015, with the goal of becoming the ideal partner for those who seek insight, transparency, and control over their marketing budget.

Our mission is to give businesses access to a dedicated marketing expert for a fraction of the cost it would be to hire a CMO. OpGo arms businesses with marketing intelligence, true marketing channel performance, and the power to make marketing decisions with confidence. We protect our clients marketing budgets from being dwindled away in meaningless channels or shiny marketing options. We make marketing perform.

Our team specializes in marketing analysis, planning, and holding the budget accountable to goals.

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Meet Our Team


Tiffanie Honeyman


After spending a decade working at local marketing agencies, Tiffanie started OpGo to focus on what she felt was most important to business—budget efficiency and getting a return on an investment.


Ian Howden

Marketing Consultant

Ian’s niche area is performance analysis and industry research. Ian explores ripple effects of changes made to marketing campaigns, specifically monitoring the effects tied to conversions and competitor SEO.


Drue McLean


Drue’s core focus at OpGo is paid search, content strategy, writing, and industry research. She is certified in Google Ads and uses her expertise in UX and consumer behavior.


Logan Riebel

Dashboard Developer

Logan builds custom dashboards to help us and our clients know how certain areas of the business are performing. We track new customers, cost to acquire them. leads, cost-per-lead, close rates, and much more, If you have the data, Logan will help you visualize it and share it with your team (in real-time).


Matthew Vanyo

Digital Marketing Specialist

Matthew is our supporting guru of digital platforms, setting up, optimizing and analyzing all digital campaigns. He is always keeping an eye out for our number one goal, ROI.


Tara Kennedy

Graphic Designer

Tara is the right brain on our team, creating branded designs for various applications whether it be for web, collateral, ads, social and more. She brings ideas to life, connecting target audiences to brands.


Kelsey Curfman

Web/Graphic Designer

Kelsey helps to complete our right brain. She uses her degree in graphic communication to create stunning web designs that are also optimized for digital campaigns and reporting.


Amber Westereng

Social Media Specialist

Amber's specialty at OpGo is social media. She is applying her knowledge of various platforms and is excited to explore new, creative ways to share on social.