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Marketing Dashboards

“Affordable Accountability” at your fingertips.Our dashboards are the watchdog of your KPIs.

Choosing from hundreds of marketing channels is a daunting task–and assessing performance can be paralyzing. We have 20+ years experience in the optimization of marketing campaigns and are experts in creating dimensional metrics and meaningful insights on dashboards. The key is to tie metrics to the bottom line. We also layer in “soft” metrics to keep a pulse on engagement and best performing content. Our dashboards are completely custom and our goal is to give your team the ability to make data-driven decisions. You tell us what means the most and we’ll align the design to your vision.

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Marketing DashboardBenefits

Transparency / Accountability

Dashboards are numbers-based; they tell the truth. There’s no skirting around performance. (And once teams know their campaigns are being reviewed, they are likely to monitor them more closely–it’s just human nature.)

Campaign Optimization

C-levels don’t typically want to see granular details that roll into performance, but your marketing teams do. Dashboards allow them to see multiple channels at once. They can compare channels, tactics, ad types and messaging. They are able to make changes to campaigns more quickly and set benchmarks.


Dashboards save time. Without them, team members need to export and analyze manually. With automated reporting through dashboards, your team can effectively assess performance without having to spend all the time organizing data. This is especially important if you expect to see performance results frequently. (Time spent exporting and analyzing can be significantly reduced.)

Find Tracking Errors

Viewing dashboards regularly, teams are able to more easily see something that might not be right. For example, if you know that you recently turned an awareness campaign and the traffic to the site does not show that campaign bringing in traffic, you might have a tracking error. The sooner it’s fixed, the better–tracking is not retroactive.

Our DashboardServices

All dashboards are built custom and branded to your organization. We offer training sessions to teach your team how to refresh the data. Most of our dashboards are built in Google Looker Studio to make access and sharing simple.

Standard dashboard
Premium dashboard
Dashboard training and workshops

Standard Dashboard

Our standard dashboards are best for clients who need a basic overview with up to three additional pages of data. Cost includes a one-time setup fee with two rounds of revisions.

Premium Dashboard

Premium dashboards are best suited for clients who need more than three additional pages of data or special customization of data. Cost includes a one-time setup fee with two rounds of revisions.

Dashboard Training and Workshops

Are you interested in learning more about dashboards and marketing accountability? Sign up for one of our workshops! We offer webinar-style training that’s applicable to businesses and consultants. Contact us to learn about custom training for your team.


OpGo serves as a neutral third party to create a custom dashboard at a reasonable price and we’ll teach you how to maintain it.


Create accountability without creating tension


Make decisions based on transparent data, not a crafted “story”


Move your business forward with insights that aren’t cluttered and confusing.

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