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Digital Campaign Goals Calculator

This calculator is a bit more advanced, but it’s a great tool for those managing digital marketing campaigns. If you don’t have “goals” for these numbers yet, you can use a past campaign’s actual stats or make some up to see how the results will impact your bottom line.

After entering in the goals, you will learn how many clicks you will get, conversions, cost, and cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM).

Digital campaign performance is based on click-through-rates (CTR) and conversion rates. If you are getting a lot of clicks, but no leads (conversions), you’ll need to make some changes.

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Marketing ROI Calculator

To easily find out your marketing return on investment, enter in the totals for the three fields (Sales, Marketing Spend, and Reach). The reach is the estimated number of people you reached with the marketing spend. (If you had multiple channels, add them together unless you are just looking to find the ROI of one channel.) With this marketing ROI calculation, we are subtracting the marketing expense from the sales, then dividing by that number.

For example, assume you acquired $5,000,000 in sales, spent $150,000 in marketing and reached 7.5M people. Assuming those metrics, the return on your investment would be 32x. The spend/sales ratio would be 3% and the Reach-CPM (cost to reach 1,000 people) would be $20. It’s important to set goals for these metrics and compare this to industry benchmarks.

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