Your brand has a big job. Treat it with respect.

Your brand is what people say about their experience after interacting with your brand through various touchpoints. Touchpoints can include ads, your website, sales team, buying experience and customer services. Even a weak or ugly logo can be used to build a strong brand–it’s what you do with the branding that counts. (A logo is not the brand–it’s identification that fits into the whole experience.) 

We take pride in understanding the tone of your business and the needs of your target audience. Brand guidelines are determined up front with your team so you can be confident that all advertising is consistent and appealing. We can help your branding process at any stage, whether we create ads that fit an existing style guide, or develop it from scratch. We’ll help you understand branding and how to make all touchpoints work toward creating a positive and memorable experience for your customers. See examples of our work to learn more.

How can OpGo help with branding?

Brand Development

Logos & Style Guide – We facilitate custom discovery sessions to learn more about your brand so that we can effectively create the look and feel the fits you. The logo is ONLY the beginning and honestly is not effective on its own. You need to hone in on all customer touchpoints (from ads, to selling, to customer service).

Voice & Personality & Values – Everyone has a story. When you tell your story, it adds stickiness to your brand which increases brand recall. When people are thinking of making a purchase, they would think of you without having seen an ad.

Taglines / Headlines – As we move deeper into brand development, we need to understand how you sell and your approach to customer service. How you talk to your customers is key to brand development. The things that people remember you for the most are used in your taglines and headlines.

Brand Strategy

The best way to cut through the noise is to truly understand your customer’s pain points and provide a specific solution. You also need to know your competition. We use top of the line competitor research tools to listen to your competitors and get a better understanding of how they sell their products and/or services. Find gaps in their services and fill them.

Brand Management

Branding is not your logo. It is all forms of communication on every level of service you provide to your customers. It needs to be protected. And your company needs one voice. If you have employees communicating directly with customers, be sure they represent. The sales, marketing and customer service teams need to all be in sync with the customer needs. And provide consistency in the manner in which they communicate. 

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