To bring accountability to marketing and offer expert insight for a fraction of the cost of hiring a CMO. We arm businesses with marketing intelligence, facilitate marketing team synergy, and help stakeholders make marketing decisions with confidence.

Tiffanie Honeyman


After spending a decade working at local marketing agencies, I started OpGo to focus on what I felt most important to business—budget efficiency and getting a return on an investment. The name OpGo is derived from the terms “operational goals”. There are a lot of shiny objects in marketing that can an eat up a budget rapidly. Although branding plays a big role in marketing, getting eyeballs on the brand is more important. (A brand is built on quality of service, not a logo.) OpGo specializes in marketing analysis, strategy, and technology to make your marketing investment get you more in return.

Tanner Bechtold


Tanner is a Senior at North Dakota State majoring in marketing. He’s savvy with marketing software applications, pays attention to detail, and is passionate about new ideas. He is originally from Sartell, Minnesota. He has been through a couple of majors including computer science and sports management, but finally found his calling to marketing. Outside of marketing, Tanner enjoys spending time at the lake, time with friends and family, and being an avid sports fan.

Drue McLean


Drue’s core focus at OpGo is search-engine marketing (SEM), content strategy, writing, and industry research. She studies strategic communications at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis/St. Paul. She discovered her passion early while competing, networking, and eventually becoming co-president of her local DECA chapter. Drue is certified in Google AdWords and strives to expand her expertise in consumer behavior.

Ian Howden


Ian’s niche area is data analysis and industry research at OpGo. He graduated with bachelor’s degree in economics at NDSU and is currently enrolled in their MBA program. As we study the performance of marketing at OpGo, Ian uses his background to explore ripple effects of changes made to marketing spend, impact of sales, and other ancillary effects tied to the business and the market.

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