There are some general differences between the typical size of a business that would hire a marketing agency compared to one that would hire a single in-house marketing employee:

Businesses that Hire Marketing Agencies:

  • Tend to be larger companies that have very broad marketing needs across various channels.
  • Often mid-sized to large corporations, high growth startups that need an entire team’s worth of marketing expertise.
  • May have national/global presence, complex marketing objectives, focus on rapid growth – hence benefit more from the expansive capabilities of a full service agency.
  • Have substantial marketing budgets available – hiring marketing agencies provides access to a diverse skill set at optimized costs.

Build a Dynamic Marketing Team

Businesses that Hire a Single Marketing Employee:

  • Usually small or early stage businesses with limited budgets and narrower marketing needs.
  • Have simpler marketing goals – typically centered around local marketing, basic social media marketing, SEO etc. which a single employee can handle.
  • Often have under $1 million in annual revenues. A single employee is more affordable and their salary is manageable.
  • Includes most small businesses like local stores, restaurants, professional service providers etc.
  • A single employee can provide a customized, dedicated approach not possible with an agency handling multiple clients.

So in summary – larger, high growth companies benefit more from expansive expertise of marketing agencies while smaller main street businesses are better served by focused efforts of an single in-house marketer.