In order to grow your content marketing, take advantage of opportunities. As a modern marketer, opportunities not only allow you to grow your brand but it gives you the chance to do something new. Use the data you are collecting to your advantage. Look at what is working and what is not. Figure out what your audience is paying attention to and create more opportunities from it. 


Understand what your audience likes to consume.

In a place where the marketing world is overstuffed with content, it becomes overwhelming to consumers. So what type of content will have the most impact? 

  • Blogs will remain supreme for the most used type of content. Marketers suggest this is the most impactful way to reach a target audience. 
  • Consumers share that they prefer video and visuals when consuming content. 

The challenge of personalizing content is that the person you hire needs to pay attention to detail. At OpGo we make sure we are delivering quality content that is personalized for your target audience.


This is where there is a disconnect. Who do you listen to? Content marketers, influencers, or consumers? Multi-format content is your key to success. 

Taking the time to invest a little bit more time and money upfront in your content is worth the investment. Multi-format content is a money and time investment but the potential for reach and ROI. It also is a great way to create leads and engagements. Multi-format marketing is one of the best ways to see results. Use blog topics and content to create new visual graphics such as social media posts. 


If you are in the early stages, it shouldn’t dissuade you from using segmentation. Talk to your audience, use sample sizes, build your database. Then use what you gathered in that database to create the segmentation. With Google getting rid of third-party cookies by 2022, it is more important than ever to create content that is personalized towards your audience. 

Do your research. Don’t guess what your audience is interested in. 


Because humans are storytelling creatures, stories that involve other humans and create empathy, see the most engagement. A moment of tension in a story creates cortisol in your brain which allows you to focus on a story. This is why storytelling is so important in content marketing, whether it is a blog or video, it creates interest within your audience. 

All types of content can include some level of storytelling. Whether it is about farming, energy, or something more heartfelt, you can include storytelling into your content. A problem-solution piece of content is still a version of storytelling.


Algorithms love rich content with multi-format assetsBy fine-tuning content marketing, it gets people to start working smarter. Knowing how to nest keywords together will increase your SEO. By learning how to use the disconnect between content marketers and consumers as an opportunity, instead of a threat, it will put you ahead of your competitors. Personalize your content, research your target audience, incorporate storytelling, and most importantly start creating multi-format content that your audience will engage with. Market with a specific intent, nothing will ever beat good quality content.