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Our marketing strategies are built with a 360-degree view of your business goals. Our team starts the process by listening. We need to understand your brand’s history, margins, sales process, customer service, your unique value proposition, and your competition. When we map out a strategy, we consider the short-term and long-term goals as well as the budget. The strategy is the framework for the plan. A good plan allows the execution team to focus. When implementing the plan, key team members bring their individual expertise to the table (channel expertise, graphic design, messaging, and measuring). Execution is just as important as the strategy and the plan itself.

Our Marketing StrategyProcess

Having a strategic marketing plan provides you and your team a roadmap for success. We’ve broken down the process into eight main components.


Before we can develop the plan, we need to research. This is the most important piece to the plan.


Brainstorm Session(s)

Once we have campaigns penciled in place, we set up brainstorm sessions to generate ideas for the messaging. The ideas from the brainstorming are used in content development.


Marketing Plan

At this stage, we know where you have been and where you want to go. So now we’ll propose the channels.




Regardless of how long you have been in business, you need to set a realistic marketing budget. Our team will provide recommendations and estimates, but at the end of the day, we make sure the budget brings in sales.



We need to narrow the goals down to quantifiable amounts. The goals need to be realistic and achievable, and we need to compare them to the year before.



Content Development

Now that we have the plan mapped out, we are able to invest in developing the necessary content. (Website/landing page, videos, radio, digital ads, press releases, influencers, etc..)



Execution & Optimization

Once the essential content is developed for all audiences and channels, we launch the approved campaigns within the plan. As we move forward, digital campaigns are optimized along the way.



Our custom dashboards are built to help us keep us on track for the long term and help to create healthy conversations about sales and leads. We do everything we can to drive success and we need to know what’s happening on your end.


2023 MarketingTrends

2023 MarketingTrends

User Generated Content

Short form video is here to stay in 2023! Thanks to the continued popularity of apps like TikTok, businesses can directly connect to their customers in authentic and creative ways.

Interactive Design

Static posts are out, now is the time for content that invites a user to interact. Infographics, quizzes, contests, and more are great ways to engage your audience.

Social Media Stories

According to Statista, about 500 million users utilize Instagram stories on a daily basis. Social media stories are a great way to promote products & events and give behind the scenes look into your company. 

Ways toWork With Us



Allow us to be your team extension. We’ll build a strategic plan and execute throughout the year on all tactics. (This is typically a combination of services (ie. social media,  SEO, web updates, digital marketing, and graphic design.) We track all KPIs on a custom dashboard and assign a dedicated Account Manager to keep everything on track.


Brand Sprint

Reach out when you need an expert to give your brand a boost but don’t need support on an ongoing basis. Examples might be an updated trade show booth, catalog, powerpoint presentation, ads and ideas for a specific campaign or specific web updates. Think of it as a touch and go– or coming in to re-fuel!



We do marketing audits, conversion (lead) tracking setup, competitor analysis, custom dashboards for reporting, drone capture, websites, logos, direct mail, email campaigns, event planning and media buying (radio, TV, billboards).

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