SEO stands for search engine optimization. The goal of SEO is to expand a company’s visibility in organic search results. As a result, these efforts drive more visitors to the company’s website, increasing their chances for more conversions which leads to more customers and more revenue. As of June 2021, 92% of internet searches happen on a Google property.


When trying to set goals for Google campaigns, you need to factor in the type of campaign. The CTR and CPC for display are going to be different than those for search or video campaigns. Another factor when setting goals is the objective of the campaign. Is it an awareness campaign or a lead gen campaign.? Most search campaigns are lead generation and the goals would be focused on Cost per Conversion. (Which means you need to be sure your conversion tracking is set up properly before you set up your campaign.) We have found that a Google Search CTR goal is 5%. Our CTR goal for Display is .50%. As for CPC – refer to the metrics below provided by WordStream. (These are really unique to the type of campaign and the method in which it was set up. Some businesses are willing to spend a higher/competitive CPC if they sell higher ticket items. Businesses that sell lower-priced items do not have the luxury of being able to afford a higher CPC.)
Google CTR by Industry Benchmarks 400x284 1
Google CPC by Industry for Search and Display