Do you have any type of product page on your site? Now is the time to make sure that everything is optimized before Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales roll out. 

The last thing you want during the holiday season is for your product pages to not be running smoothly and efficiently. Last year, we saw the biggest spike in digital buying in history. Make sure that your company is ready for this year. 

Here is a simple three-step process you can follow. 


By conducting a thorough technical review of your website you can help identify gaps or weaknesses. One thing to pay close attention to is site speed. No shopper wants to wait for your site to load, especially on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. If your site speed is not optimized for eCommerce traffic, it can quickly turn away any potential customer. 


How do you make your eCommerce site stand out during the holiday season? 

Take a look at your: 

  • Homepage: Include your target audience, target objective, and unique selling proposition. Make sure the navigation is clear and remove any distracting content from the home page. 
  • Product Pages: Include a thorough product description for each item along with well-executed photos or videos. Another thing to consider is “back-in-stock” notifications through email or SMS messages. 
  • Checkout Page: According to Statista, over 69% of visitors who load items into an eCommerce shopping cart, do not finish the transaction. If you are going to make any changes to your eCommerce site before the holiday season, this is where you should start. Investing some time into improving the shopping cart conversion rate is where you will see the biggest payoff. 


Everyone is looking for the best deal. But how can you offer a deal while still making a profit? 

  • Offer free shipping when the customer purchases a certain amount 
  • Offer free shipping to members only 
  • Offer flat rate shipping
  • Don’t rely on just a discount. You don’t want to end up competing with another company for the lowest price. 
  • Highlight the value of your product. 

Make the most out of your eCommerce site. The digital buying world has become extremely competitive over the last couple of years. Customer conversions don’t just happen. Take the time to optimize your eCommerce site to make them happen.