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Video marketing has a way of bringing a business to life in a way that connects with your consumers on a more intimate level. Creating captivating content is important, using videos allows your consumers to put a face to your brand, form stronger connections, and create brand resonance. With new platforms such as Instagram Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, etc. Making enjoyable content has never been more crucial for brands who are trying to grow.

What is a Video Short?

To clarify, video shorts are not the same as short form video–confusing right? Short form videos are under 10 minutes, longform over 10 minutes but “video shorts” are 1-3 minutes long. 2023 Video marketing statistics show:

  • 2023 Video marketing statistics show
  • 52% of companies create videos to educate their audience Wyzowl, 2023
  • According to Statista –For B2B companies, the most popular type of video content to create in 2020 was product videos.
  • The Global Average for Video Consumption is 84 Minutes Per Day, The Social Sheperd 2023 

Video ShortsChannels

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts show you content based on your watch history and creation follows a more traditional form of production. These videos are vertical :60 seconds or less and the available audience is 2 billion. Find shorts home page, subscriptions, channel homepage with shorts featured section. Once you click into them, you can scroll and watch more. (6.5 billion daily views globally)


Instagram recommends reels based on the user’s previous engagement as well as prioritizes videos based on what it believes a viewer will be most likely to interact with. The max time is :90 seconds (paid ads max at :60 seconds). The Instagram algorithm cross-references information about content (posts, Stories, Reels) with information about users (interests and behavior on the platform) to serve the right content to the right people. Instagram’s available audience size is 1.32 billion. Users were on IG about 30 minutes per day in 2022.


Facebook / Meta video reels now have a max of 90 seconds. Meta says reels are one of ifs fastest growing format. Reels have more than doubled over the past year. To learn more about Facebook reels, click here.

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