Conversions are now called key events.

Google recently announced an update to the way events are named in Google Analytics 4. This change will affect key metrics in analytics reporting.

What is an “event” in GA4?

Before we get into key events and conversions, you should know that an event in GA4 is a specific action a user takes on your website or app. For instance, a link click, scrolling past a certain point on a page, or downloading a file. You can learn more about different types of events here.

What is a key event in GA4?

What used to be called “conversions” in GA4 are now called key events. Key events operate the same way conversions did—they just have a new name. Many Google Analytics reports will now have a column called “Key Events”.

What actions do I need to take?

You don’t need to take any action. Google will automatically rename conversions to key events and tracking will remain the same. 

When will the change happen?

Google will roll out the name change starting in March 2024. It won’t happen to all accounts at once, so if you don’t see it yet, don’t worry! 

Why should you care?

While the functionality of key events and conversions are the same, the name change is important because it affects the way we build and talk about reports. 

Why did Google change conversions to key events?

Google says it changed its terminology to address “previous discrepancies across platforms.” In other words, conversions in Google Ads are defined and tracked differently than they are in GA4. This was confusing to many users as conversion counts were frequently different in each platform. The change updates the term “conversion” to be defined as it is in Google Ads.

Can an event be marked both a conversion and a key event?

The short answer is yes. The only place you’ll continue to see the name “conversion” is related to Google Ads reporting. Both within Google Ads and in GA4 advertising reports, key events will still be called “conversions.” 

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