There are several new methods for creating videos in marketing. For the business owner who wants to DIY their video marketing campaigns, there are several apps you can use. And the video can be taken from your phone if you have the knack for it. For those that want to have OpGo support their marketing, we start a discovery to learn about your needs, your audience and your brand.


In order to build a successful video marketing strategy, consider the channels and platforms your audience uses. Research the specifications and types of videos used. 

  • 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool
  • There are over 130 million Instagram users in the U.S. (See Instagram stats via HubSpot.)
  • 89% of video marketers plan to include YouTube in their 2021 video marketing strategy (+1% from last year) See more of these statistics from wyzowl

The strategy also guides the marketing channel selection. Always keep in mind the channels that are going to be most effective in reaching your audience. 

Ask yourself what is most important to your customers–this will help guide the focus of your messaging. Execution of the video can really set your company apart AND make the dollars go further. And the only way to know if it’s working is to be effective in your measurement. You need to be able to see results in two main ways – 1) 30,000 foot view (sales and leads) and 2) real-time digital campaign performance. 

At OpGo, our team tracks it all.


  • Brand Storytelling
  • Promo
  • Customer Testimonial
  • Team Testimonial
  • Explainer 
  • Training
  • B-Roll / Drone Capture


The marking “plan” is the road map. The videos should support the strategy and the vision for the upcoming year. There are multiple ways to share videos. They can be put on YouTube as a library to catalog them and also use them in video campaigns. You can also cut them into smaller bite-size snacks to share on social media. Customers and prospects love to see what you’re up to and it’s a great way to allow them to connect with the brand (outside of meetings). 

Social Media is one of the more difficult marketing initiatives to navigate. The authenticity of social media is critical. People recognize fake messaging. And this is where sharing small videos will help create an authentic brand identity and voice within your social media platforms. 

It’s obvious you are continuously providing innovative ways to help your customers and the engagement on social media helps get you the feedback you need to improve.


  • Budget. Know the budget in advance so you can learn right away the style of video or partner that can best meet both the budget and the goals of the video campaign. Don’t drain your bank account on a single video!)
  • Target Market. Where will the video be shown? Is there a specific industry or audience segment you are targeting?
  • Personas. Who is intended to see the video and what are they to gain from it?
  • Campaigns/Concepts. Will there be other supporting content? Oftentimes video is one component of the messaging within an integrated marketing campaign.
  • Channels. Do you want to be seen on the nightly news? Do you want to tell about the history of your company and have this on your “about” page? Is there an event coming up and you want to get people pumped about it?
  • Marketing Goals. Will the video be used to educate, influence or get them to take action?

We are well connected to many providers of video services. Once you know what you need, let us help you find the right fit. OpGo is FAA 107 certified to do drone capture and loves doing it. If you just need some fun b-roll of your property, town or business – give us a shout.